Saturday, July 23, 2011

Laura in the Jungle

As Laura was in need of new pictures she booked a new session with me, Mu by Eline Van Gils.

"A different corn field"

Jungle beauty

Sunswatter + Sunbounce mini zebra from left (soft fill-in)

When working with the sunswatter to temper the harsh sunlight, the shadow that is cast under the subject may appear very unnatural, if you choose a very low shooting angle / pov you should get away with it easy :-)

group of redhead flowers

We found an old caravan, thought it might produce some crazy pictures...


  1. Your doing a great job with your pictures, I really love them! The way you use the lights and find those angles and colours for those beautiful models. I'm jeallous (and a new reader of your blog, maybe first from Finland?). :)

  2. Don't know if your the first from Finland but you're very welcome! :-)