Saturday, July 23, 2011


Meerdaalbos was the setting we chose for this shoot with Laura, Make-up kindly provided by "Giz Makeup"

As it was just me and the model i wanted to keep things simple, it was a slightly overcast day so ideal to use the Sunbounce mini with Zebra fabric on a lightstand as NS-VALS "not so voice activated light stand"

Just bounce some light back and create those nice catch-lights as an extra

This is the result from my first experiment with bokeh shapes, few years ago i saw these things being sold on the net, cut-out shapes in steel plates that would fit in front of your favorite big aperture lens to influence the way out of focus would hit the sensor.

I cut them out in a piece of thin black cardboard, heart shape to begin with, installing this in front of your lens, makes the internal light meter and AF module go crazy so you are back to Manual Focus and "guessing" the correct settings for aperture (best wide-open) en shutter speed (just shoot, look at the lcd and adjust). When you place this in front of your lens it acts as a fixed aperture, so light meter is way-of by "x"-stops, but also the shallow DOF is lost as this smaller aperture gives more depth and weird things happen on the corners of the frame, looks like a sort of optical compression (just basic developing from the RAW file here)

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