Monday, December 21, 2009

Girls and cars

Girls and cars, something that seems to go well together, not a young blond girl with a tiny bikini lying on the hood of a Ferrari but a nice Brunette with decent clothing and a very fine German car.

My strobistworkshop partner, Peter Nackaerts, came by to check out the car lighting, we quickly realized that this was not going to be an easy job (that's how i like 'em).

Outside it was freezing -10°C, i did not like the setting to do the shoot outside because of the background and we had no time to seek another outdoor location, this is just a quick shot of Femke's brand new Audi A5 S-line when she arrived...

Luckily we also had in indoor location but there was no ambient light, Peter decided that we should first try to light the car without the model, so here we go, 1octabox, 1 softbox and a speedlight with white shoot trough umbrella:

So now the tricky part, adding a model and make her "stand-out", nothings easy when dealing with a white car, a dark indoor location and a model with a nice black dress.

And a more James Bond like approach ;-)

This shot is 100% strobist as my batteries for the studio strobes went flat after more than 200 discharges (2x Tronix Explorer 2400Ws)

Oh yeah, almost forgot, this is me ready to kick some ass (in fact a was just a "stand in" so we could check the produced shadows while Femke was testing the car's heating system)

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