Monday, December 21, 2009

Railway station 2 ...

The first idea was to have this shoot in an underground parking but it was too crowded that day, instead i asked for a permit to shoot at Leuven railway station. Model for the day was Annelien Hacha, she has a lot of experience and it makes my job as a photographer a lot simplier because i have to worry less about the model an can concentrate on my lighting and photography

First part of the shoot was between very thick glass windows, i wanted to incorporate the "green" light feeling into the final picture, mixing strobe light with ambient at a 1/1 ratio. No need to gel the strobes, just pushed the green saturation a bit in post :-)

After the series between the glass we moved a bit, changed the lighting style, working with flashlight as main light source and overpowering the ambient following the sunny f:16 rule ;-)

600Ws, 60x80 softbox (1/1 power) silver reflector | ISO100-1/125th-f22

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