Sunday, December 20, 2009


Many beginning photographers seem to struggle with light and mostly with flash-light, i have to admit that it is not something to take "lightly".

Frequently people ask me questions about (flash) light and how i use it.
Peter Nackaerts, who is a friend and co-photographer had the same, together we decided to start some workshops so we could spread what we learned so far

We're doing workshops about strobist techniques, basic studio lighting and the other aim is to learn people how to approach and work with models

Strobist is nothing new but it really is not known very widely among amateur photographers, high-end photographers use it a lot, in the Dean Collins DVD series you can see him using strobist material all the time and also Melissa Rodwell is a strobist from time to time.

So if you'd like to learn more about strobist techniques you can off course check out David Hobby's site and blog @ but if you prefer the more hands-on approach workshop with very personal guiding and small groups check out :

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