Friday, December 25, 2009

New toy...

In august i decided to switch over from Pentax to Nikon, My Pentax is a great camera but i needed a better AF in low-light and also a sensor that produced less noise in the pictures. Nikon seemed to offer what i wanted (except for the price of their zooms ... ) and also had an attractive model which offerd a full size sensor, my choice quickly set on the D700!

My spouse decided that Christmas was the perfect timing for this new toy so here it is...

Nikon D700 with 2 primes as a start, the 24 f:2.8 & 50 f:1.4

Picture made with the pentax K10D - 50 f2 MF , ISO 200 @ f:4

First tests at ISO 6400 look very impressive!!

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