Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tempus fugit

I felt the need for a new website, my old one was too dark and too much of a blog, too complicated..

So i made a new one ( ), it will be more static, adding content from time-to-time as i evolve, this gives me a good reason and more time to keep a trace of my work over here!

Much has happened since April so I'll try to give you a little update about some new stuff i bought

First, the long awaited Photoflex Litepanels (180x90cm) 1 in softgold zebra and 1 with the silver reflector, I took fotosg about 14 weeks to see they could not deliver me the softgold screen so i bought it from Katrien at fotoVDH, haven't had much time to try them out with some sun, but for now, it looks promissing and the Litepanels are very easy to work with!

Second, I'm adding a nikon camera to my setup, the D700 starting with 2 primes the 85 f:1.8 and the more standard 50mm f:1.4d , for the future i'm thinking of the 14-24 f:2.8 zoom and the versatile 70-200 f:2.8

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