Monday, December 21, 2009

My first snow shoot

After the first shoot with Cindy this summer she told me that she wanted to do a "snow shoot" so when the first snow came down a few days ago, i send her a message "it's snowing, do you have time?" she answered yes and 1,5 hour later we started shooting in heavy snowfall !

I chose a minimal strobist setup, white umbrella and 1 speedlight, sky was heavily overcast and snow was falling down...

Some things I've learned when going for a snow shoot:

- bring transparent plastic bags to protect the speedlights and the triggers (also the one ON the camera)

- Do not put your camera under you warm coat because it will cause condensation on your lens (and other parts)

- Keep an umbrella over your head to prevent you front lens element to acquire too much snow too fast (bring something to clean your frontal lens when necessary ), the lens hood is good for sunlight not for snow!

- Watch out for accumulated snow on your shoot-trough umbrella, it'll cost you some stops of light!

-You really need flashlight, ambient is too low and too "gray" to create vibrant skintones ;-)

practice / practice / practice and expose for the snow! (not 18% Grey but you want it White!)

1 comment:

  1. Wauw Michel! Prachtige foto's staan hierop echt knap!

    Zou ik ook eens een lingerieshoot kunnen doen bij u?

    & nogmaals bedankt om mijn wens te vervullen :D