Friday, June 18, 2010

Anna at Antwerp Central station

An ideal shoot to test out my newly received Apollo westcott 28" Softbox, inside shots were done with a SB-900 at 1/2 power which delivers f:5.6, ISO 200 at about 2,5 meters, this seems to be an ideal distance for full body shots. For the part outside i used my 800Ws ringflash as the light source in the softbox, f:11 or even f:16 is not really a problem, i really need to get my hands on a 3 stop ND filter in 77mm size for some more experimentation. A special thank to Mr Bitbanger for lighting assistance!

"Anna meets Fashion", clothing provided by SPS Superstar 2010 collection

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  1. Super mooie foto's mister magic light ;D