Friday, June 18, 2010

Babs does the ring

On our first shoot Babs told me she was good at imitating Sadako, the young girl with the black hair from the movie "The ring" or Ringu in the original Japanese version (which is way better than the US version in my humble opinion)

We shot this pretty early morning, i wanted the sun to throw long shadows and make use of the somewhat softer morning light, and only used a reflector for fill.
This allowed me to push the contrast a bit in pp to add a bit of grungy atmosphere, this is also why i chose very narrow DOF and shot between f:1.8 and f:2.2.

People who were passing by looked at us in a strange way, I'm still wondering why...

After watching these pictures you only have 7 days left to enjoy this last one....

Babs in a more "humane" condition ;-)

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