Thursday, June 3, 2010


These are some photos from my second shoot with Annelien hacha, the location is a semi-abandonned ship warf in Oostend with plenty of possibilities for shooting outside or inside, our choice to shoot inside was quickly made when the rain starting pouring down... again!

Most of the lighting setups include 2 rectangular softboxes (30x120cm) also called striplights, these light modifier does

not make your model strip so keep it cool! I also had a go at my ringlflash (again!) but the lighting is just too flat and i intend to use this strange light source on a light stand in combination with it's beauty dish, if i ever get my hands on one!! i Ordered the dish in December 2009, at the time I'm writing this down it's June 2010 and still there is no news about availability, i guess patience is one of the most important virtue for a photographer

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