Sunday, June 13, 2010

Laura & Connie

Once again a last-minute improvisation shoot, normally we would have done this shoot outside, we were looking for photos where the sun would provide a lot of lensflare, but for this you need... sun, and that was one of the missing items... . luckily Laura remembered a big location near Zolder where she knew we could do the shoot inside!

model was Laura Theys, MUA Connie Van Noten, assistant and co-photographer Bart Henseler aka Bitbanger!

Checking the light wit Mr Bitbanger himself... (strobist info, rimlight from Sb-900 @ 1/8th power, zoomed 200mm, main = white umbrella Canon speedlight @ 1/4th power, triggered with Skyports

Just for fun shot, 100% ambient 50mm (on fx) f:1,8 1/320th ISO200

This is a 100% strobist shoot with 1 or 2 white shoot trough umbrella's or 1 silver relfective umbrella and 1 hair light provided by the SB-900 zoomed at 200mm (no need for a snoot, beam is extremely focused)

Dragging the shutter to use the colored light in the back provided by LED, main light by speedlight in reflective silver umbrella ISO 1600 - 1/20th - 200mm f:2,8

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