Friday, June 18, 2010

Enisa in the forest

Enisa wanted a bit of a fairy-tale look and feel to her shoot, i knew a magical forest just between Leuven and Brussels, nice hot & sunny day, not ideal for photography but even so for bugs!

Make-up was done by Babs and a special thank to Mr Bitbanger for lighting assistance!

White shoot trough umbrella as shadow fill and sun shining trough the leafs, creating some minor lens-flare

White shoot through umbrella - one light

Big zebra reflector +california sunbounce Sunmover as accent light

Diffusion screen camera right, silver reflector far behind camera left and zebra reflector front, camera left (look at the catch-light ;-) )

Silver screen behind, zebra in front:

Hard sunlight, natural fill by the leafs and the grass (lot's of green in the light)

Big silver reflector screen

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