Thursday, June 3, 2010

Montzen Railway station

Another abandoned but still very popular place is the old Montzen railway station near the German - Belgian Frontier, there's an old train standing there since ages, it's rusted and dirty but it makes a fine backdrop for many photographers.

Many photos I've seen from that place were made using only the available ligth and as I went inside I recognized this typical light you find in these kind of places, it has a strong yellow to greenish colorcast because of the dust buildup, the light really looks dirty to me and i do not like this look, so fire away those flashes!

For Tamara's shoot we mostly made use of my 2 new striplights (30x120) and 1 bare flash for rim or hair ligth.

The Tronix Explorer 2400Ws is our portable 220Volt power outlet for "on location" use (The striplights are mounted on 600Ws studio heads)

For the second shoot at this location (with Karen) I just used some basic strobist gear as this was a much shorter shoot and this strobist solution is just perfect for this kind of locations

Tamara Miesen and the Mu was done by Anays Onsia:

1 striplight on the left & 1 striplight on the right behind Tamara

Karen Dedroog and Mu was done by Fabienne Van Hecke :

Strobist info - setup !!

Falcon eyes reflection screen (ditched it because it was not easy to setup and replaced with the California Sunbounce solution)

Nikon SB-900, on the front, in the white (shoot-through) umbrella
Pentax Af-540 on the back with my DIY McGyver folded cardboard snoot for a rimlight

Triggered with the Elinchrom Skyports

The basic 3-point light setup (keylight, fill, hair- or rimlight)

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